​Shoe Repair

Old shoes might be comfortable, but they won’t necessarily look very good after years of use. Sunset Shoe Repair’s expert shoe repair service can help replace soles and heels and make your old shoes look almost as good as the day you bought them.

Our shoe repair shop performs a variety of services. We offer both men’s and women’s shoe repair, including high heels and boots. We want your favorite pair of shoes to last you as long as they can. With attentive maintenance and repair, Sunset Shoe Repair is sure to rejuvenate your shoes back to pristine condition. Whether you need your soles replaced or areas patched up, our show and boot repair service will happily accommodate. Sunset Shoe Repair can do everything from cleaning up the leather to a complete shoe restoration.

Contact Sunset Shoe Repair in San Francisco, CA for more information about our shoe repair, suede cleaning service and other services! Call or stop by today!